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Our store is filled with goodies for the technical minded or those that just want to play.  With specialised bits for Robotics, RC Modelling, Electronics Hobbyists & Developers.

TWIG Solutions goes GREEN, and I don't mean by Political persuasion!  We will no longer supply our GPS receivers in retail packaging as this is typically thrown away clogging landfill.   Also we now offer our Drivers online rather than supplied CD. This was brought about for a couple of reasons, the drivers update or change so often, its better to keep the live and up to date online and to reduce waste. An additional benefit to you is you save even more off our already crazy prices!

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GPS Bits Grab Bag..
GPS Bargain Mystery Grab Bag/Box.   Minimum 3 working and tested GPS receivers in every..
$72.60 $66.00
Ex Tax: $60.00
GPS Mouse - 5Pin Mini Din with USB Adapter
This unit is suitable for those who require a GPS to be used with multiple host devices, such as a P..
$66.00 $45.01
Ex Tax: $40.92
GPS RS232 Interface Cable to Suit GPM004
Our popular RS-232 adapter cable to suit our TS-GPM004, GPM008 and GPM009 universal GPS Receivers wh..
$9.90 $5.50
Ex Tax: $5.00
LCD Blue 16x2
A blue 16-Character 2-Line LED back lit LCD display. High Quality LCD display module with bl..
$11.00 $7.70
Ex Tax: $7.00
PIC Project Board
This project board has been developed to provide a low cost platform not only for software developme..
$7.70 $5.50
Ex Tax: $5.00
PIC16F628A - I/P
PIC16F628A 8 Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontrollers with nanoWatt Technology These sell for $6.50ea at J..
$5.50 $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.50
SLA7078MR PWM Stepper Motor Driver. The SLA7078MR is a stepper motor driver/controller chip featu..
$12.10 $7.70
Ex Tax: $7.00
Ultrasonic Range Finder.
Ultrasonic range finder suitable for all types of robotics and microcontrollers, Picaxe, PIC, Atmel ..
$13.20 $8.80
Ex Tax: $8.00
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