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What Is Single Use?
Odyssey Navigator is a Single-Use application.   This means you are limited to registering the software on a single machine, once.  You may install it on more than one PC, however it will run in a limited mode if not registered. 

Why was this method of sale offered?  Because it allows us to keep the cost much lower.  Think of it this way, if you buy a new Personal Navigation Device (eg a Navman) and it gets dropped or damaged some other way, the manufacturer or retailer is not entitled to replace it due to customer caused damage. 

If we were to offer a perpetual licence we would have to factor in additional licensing costs and that would increase the sale price.  Also with a perpetual licence, the chance of Intellectual Property and copyright theft is much higher, thus robbing us of income. This again would mean higher prices as we would need to build in the cost of that theft to all users, again meaning higher prices.

We offer a simple solution, that offers the lowest cost of ownership.  If you do need to reinstall your product on a new PC, re-install your OS, or you do have a hardware failure, we can help with a very low cost additional licence key.  Following basic common sense practices, such as using SSDD in CarPCs,  will reduce or eliminate any Hard Disk failure issues and you will not need to purchase a new license.

You may view the EULA here.

Update Information
Unfortunately as of 16/4/2010 we no longer offer free map updates.  We will attempt to rectify this in the future, but for now that is how it stands due to contractual issues with our map supplier.   All purchases prior to 16/4/2010 will be given the advertised updates where possible. Purchases on or after 16/4/2010 are affected by this change.

Prior Map Update Dates

Conditions subject to change without notice..



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